Merry Go Round Cafe

Our dedicated seating and café area!



Only food purchased from our café area can be consumed on our premises!

We cater for allergies. Please ask when you arrive to make sure we have stock.

We have a large selection of hot and cold food available for adults and children. 2 vending machines for snacks and cold drinks!

Food orders are available from 10am to 3.30pm Mon-Sat. 10am-3.30pm Sun.

(If you are attending a private party – food available until 40mins before the end of the party)

Food can also be prepared and taken away. See our menu below!


Could we ask that rubbish be cleared from tables when you leave please




 All day breakfast inc: 2 sausages, 2 bacon, egg, beans, chips, bread and butter

MGR chicken or Beef burger special (lettuce/mayo/cheese slice/bacon) and chips

Ham, Egg, chips with bread and butter

1/4lb Cheeseburger with chips

Chicken Burger and chips

Sausage and Chips

2 eggs and Chips

Vegetable spring rolls with salad and Sweet Chilli Dip

Cheese or Egg on Toast

Soup with 2 slices of bread (Tomato/Veg/Pea and ham/potato and leak/minestrone)

Cheesy Chips

Chips and beans



Jacket potatoes with fillings:- plain/cheese/cheese and bacon/cheese and beans/cheese/tuna mayo/beans/tuna and cheese

Baguettes with fillngs :- All day breakfast/Chicken burger and salad/Tuna mayo and cheese melt/Bacon and cheese melt/Bacon & Egg/Cheese salad/Cheese and pickle/Ham salad/Tuna mayo/BLT/Bacon/Sausage and onion


Sandwiches in white or brown bread with all the above fillings. Can be toasted for an extra cost


Ploughmans:- Cheese/Ham/Tuna mayo  mix 2 for extra cost


Salad pots:- Tuna mayo/Chicken Burger Salad/Ham Salad/Cheese Salad add rasher of bacon or grated cheese for extra cost



Burger and chips                     Pizza and Chips             Nuggets and chips           Sausage and chips 

Fish finger and chips                Mini Sausage/beans on toast                               Beans on toast

Cheese on toast

Sandwiches:- Cheese/Ham/Cheese spread/Chocolate spread/Jam/Marmite/Tuna/Peanut butter

Snack box:- sandwich of choice from above/yogurt/crisp/apple or orange juice carton

Fruit               Yogurts             Ice Cream tubs


There is a selection of snacks available on the counter from:- cookies/gingerbread men/millionaire Shortbread/muffins/biscuits